Technology insights that will help deliver a more engaging digital annual report

Technology insights that will help deliver a more engaging digital annual report

Each year, some companies must produce a detailed annual company report targeting a wide range of share holders interests. As we are all bombarded with a huge range of media each day, how can your company deliver the information it must in an engaging way?

Every year a company must produce an annual report. For some, this is purely an accounting affair and the resulting document is lodged with Companies House, and that’s the end of it.

However, for companies with a larger base of shareholders, such as privately funded or public companies, something more substantial is required. For these companies, a more in-depth view of what has been going on in the company over the past year is needed. This is more than just a report on the financial performance of the company, it will include business activities and any philanthropic activities too.

A company’s annual report not only serves to update and inform existing shareholders, it’s also a publication that can be used to entice new shareholders. So, in many respects, it’s also a PR, sales & marketing tool.

When looked at from the perspective of creating excitement around a company, the annual report takes on a whole different meaning, and level of intent.

To understand intent, it helps to break down the different types of persona that may be encountered within your report’s audience and the value they may seek. From this we can decide what features of an annual report will be of most importance to them and therefore the type of information delivery mechanism best suited to them. We’ve listed the following types of ‘stakeholder’ that may represent a different persona and therefore will react to different aspects of the report in different ways. We’ll leave you to associate these with the different information and information formats that may be most applicable, as descriptions of these follow:

  1. The company’s own board.
  2. The principle, institutional shareholders.
  3. Shareholders with purely financial interests.
  4. Shareholders that support environment or philanthropic aspects of the company’s operation of mission.
  5. Casual shareholders.
  6. Potential shareholders interested in financial rewards.
  7. Potential shareholders interested in the prospect of helping make a difference .
  8. The younger or generally media inspired shareholder or potential shareholder.
  9. Older shareholders less inspired by media delivery types.
  10. The financial press and general media.


Given the different types of audience there are seven ways you can make your annual report a more engaging read:

  • Choice of Media
  • Typography
  • Use of Colour
  • The artful use of additional information
  • Dynamic flow & engagement
  • Linking outcome to benefit
  • Virtual tear-outs

To read more about each of these, please view our article here:
Seven ways to make your annual report a more enticing read to a wider base of stakeholders

In conclusion

We hope this post has been insightful and will help you think about your next digital annual report in a different light.

The world of capabilities digital reports can offer is virtually limitless and can appear daunting, especially if you know your company needs to get ahead of the curve and stand out quickly.

In creating your next digital annual report, it’s important to work with a partner that both understands how this world of capabilities is evolving and the potential benefits such evolution could bring to your organisation.

As ever, the team at The Creative Tree are ready to help answer your questions about getting the most out of your digital annual reports. So why not give us a call to discuss.




At The Creative Tree, our annual report process is systematic, and we’ll leave no stone unturned. Our refresh process will result in your brand having a renewed sense of purpose, a clearer identity and a new level of excitement both within your company and with its audience.


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Seven ways to make your annual report a more enticing read to a wider base of stakeholders