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Creativity in design in today’s intensely competitive world of consumer product development and marketing, goes far beyond that which can be seen in a simple product brochure, a magazine, a logo, or a website, to mention a few outputs. Creative design is a means through which to create a journey a user can undertake. A journey that may leverage extended desires, social good or just inquisitiveness. Creativity at this level is exercised across graphic design, video, imagery, market messaging, affinity strategy, though websites and social media as well as traditional print, more often mixing many of these elements harmoniously to illicit the desired customer response.

The design team at The Creative Tree help clients challenge brand expectations, build new emotive bridges with their audiences, and forge new creative horizons.

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    What is the lifestyle sector?

    The lifestyle sector is composed of brands that reflect and embody the ideals, values an attitudes of their audiences. Companies within this space encourage the use of their products or services as part of everyday life, to the point where they can become part of your everyday life experience.

    Companies behind such brand experiences want their audiences to ‘live past’ the simplicity of a product brand, such as sports apparel, to the point where the typical customer sees the ‘product’ as an essential element of their own lives. To do this, the product or service needs to connect on many levels, not just appearance, but also emotionally and psychologically too. Successful companies have encourage their customers to incorporate their products as part of an individual’s identity – the shoes or trainers they wear, the smart phone they use, the computer they use, the airline they travel with, the car they buy, the make up they use, the clothing they wear.

    Not only do companies seek greater adoption of their products as part of everyday life, they also seek to expand into other product or service areas leveraging the original success or notoriety of their brand. An example would be fashion brands extending their brand presence to encompass aspects of interior design, food, hospitality, beauty, travel.

    Naturally, encouraging people to adopt not just a product, but a whole way of life, needs some serious creativity. It’s why the lifestyle industry is abuzz with creative design agencies like The Creative Tree, helping industry clients attain new levels of awareness and acceptance.

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    Some great examples of brands in the lifestyle industry that The Creative Tree have worked with

    Gaze Burvill makes beautifully handcrafted outdoor furniture and we developed their brand with them by thinking about what their clients would aspire to. We crafted a strapline “Living Life Outside” to portray that the furniture brings people together outside, bringing a social element to the brand. We wanted to show the lifestyle that the furniture facilitates, in any style, be it city living or country cottage, to give an aspirational quality to how their furniture is perceived.

    Think of St George’s Hill and you’ll be right in thinking of luxury mansions and private estate. The ultimate in lifestyle status, we worked with the resident’s association to develop an understated website that was fitting with the tranquility, natural beauty, seclusion and security that the resident’s desire.

    What do these brand efforts have in common? In short – huge creativity. It represents the power to reach people at a level upon which they will engage positively with a brand or brand initiative, this requires serious creativity on multiple levels:
    • Making an empathic connection
    • Justification
    • Trust
    • Awareness
    • Message impact
    • Imagery that immediately grabs attention

    All of these brands seek to create different kinds of gateways that enable their clients to ‘grow’ into their products, develop a more meaningful lifestyle, find new ways of leveraging the brand’s products or even create new opportunities for the brand to extend.

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    How The Creative Tree approaches creativity within the lifestyle industry

    Businesses operating within the lifestyle market space have a constant challenge to meet. Audience expectations, attitudes, expectations and needs are evolving in line with growing communications technologies and greater consumer connectivity. This enables trend setters, influencers and a brand’s audience in general, to discuss their own needs in a cooperative and more connected way than ever before. For instance, if a brand makes a change, a popular influencer may spot this and enlist their own audience that also have an ‘emotive’ connection to the brand, to challenge a change.

    Consumer audiences are becoming increasingly conscious in different ways: from the impact products have on health and wellbeing, to their impact on the environment. Furthermore, audiences are becoming more progressive in their beliefs and opinions as to how brands should be improving lifestyles and the environment, to the point where they take conscious action to avoid brands that don’t conform to their ideals and seek out alternatives.

    A more ‘conscious’ audience, gives rise significant opportunities for lifestyle brands to lead and leverage an inherent and emerging ‘responsibility’ within their audience. The ideation and creativity design process implemented by The Creative Tree helps clients explore such dimensions within their audience.

    Our approach is to assume nothing, challenge the accepted and to embrace the idea that creativity is by its very nature, limitless.

    How The Creative Tree guides clients through ideation, creative design and realisation

    The inherent beauty we find in the world at large – that of uniqueness and endless growth potential, is reflected in the lifestyle industry and the clients we meet within it. In short, each client is distinctly different in their outlook, needs and goals. This means each client comes to The Creative Tree at a different level or different stage in their own creative process, whether it’s still just an idea for a new product or services, fully formed or even the need for a whole a new brand. This means out creative team needs to be highly flexible in our approach to helping your business, no matter at what stage you come to us.

    Some clients have everything mapped out, they have a prepared brief, having gone through their own ideation and creativity processes internally. Now all they need is implementation of the brief. Many however, seldom reach this level of preparedness and need considerable help and support in reaching a brief. In fact, the brief is essentially to create a brief.

    No matter what your own business’s level of readiness is when considering developing and launching a new line of business, or even in rejuvenating an existing brand line, the team at The Creative Tree team has the experience and expertise to help to accomplish the goals you have set out for your business.

    The Creative Tree’s own experience

    Our client portfolio contains many companies within the Lifestyle sector space. Here are just a few. Feel free to follow the links and explore how we assisted other firms like yourselves.

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    Chloe Bruce branding logo graphic design website 07
    Logo Branding Shop Sign
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