Q&A with Local Rising Talent

Graphic Design Work Experience

We welcomed Miles into our studio in July for a week’s worth of hands on learning and experience. Miles is a sixth form student from Heathside in Weybridge. Long gone are the days of the work experience person making tea and filing. We, as a studio, want to encourage the next generation of designers to get stuck in and shine.

We set Miles a brief to create a Youth Club brand that would cater to his age group. We feel there is a gap in the market for after school activity, holiday clubs for kids over 12. Yes they don’t need looking after in the same way, but they do need encouragement and opportunity to try new things. It is these teenage years where young adults need the most guidance not the least.

So we had a briefing with Miles and off he went, creating the brand, look and feel, designing a logo and then transferring these assets to posters and a website. All in a week! He was a natural, took direction well and listened carefully implementing the advice diligently.

At the end of the week with a wonderful piece to take away and display in his portfolio he answered a quick Q&A and was off to enjoy his Summer. I think Reading festival was on the cards.


Q. What has it been like to spend a week at TCT?

Very fun as well as useful, it has been good to have hands on work in the actual industry in a new environment as opposed to just learning in a classroom. It has allowed me to build on my skills, such as tips and shortcuts with adobe software, as well as learn new ones, like website design and layout.

Q. What is your top highlight of the week?

Compiling all my work into one clean portfolio and looking back on my progress throughout the week was very interesting to see.

Q. What has been the most important thing you’ve learned?

Organising all of my work in order to make it both digestible and desirable to future employers as well as universities will be a very useful skill to have. My work experience here has helped me with that significantly.

Q. Has anything surprised you about working as a designer?

The company covers a lot of fronts like web design, branding, and print, so it was surprising to me that you don’t have to be pressured into limiting yourself to certain types of design as a designer

Q. What next steps are you thinking about after school?

I hope to start studying for a degree in Graphic Design at a university
in the future

Q. What do you like about design and technology?

I love being able to exercise my creativity, and this field very much allows me to do so.

Q. Do you have any advice for students who are considering placements?

If you are considering a career in design I would highly recommend it, since you will learn very useful knowledge and skills which will no doubt help in the future and make you more attractive as an employee or student. Being in the working environment will also help you to decide if this career path is suited to you.