RAPTAR Reporting launched in Q1 2021 within the pharmacovigilance industry. They’ve recognised a need to improve reporting adverse reactions for medicines and vaccines and have developed a digital solution which provides rapid, automated processing and tracking of adverse reactions. It is designed with patients in mind and is a user-friendly tool for people to report any adverse drug reactions quickly and accurately.

We were provided with a logo and a description of the software, and our initial task was to build a teaser campaign for something that didn’t exist yet. This was a perfect chance for us to show that a brand isn’t just a logo and to start building a visual style for RAPTAR that would grab attention as a new market entrant. We wanted to build excitement and hype and also start that customer journey of building familiarity.

There’s lots more exciting things to come so watch this space to follow how we develop their brand!


Advertising, Animation, Brand Identity, Digital, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographics


Advertising, Animation, Brochures, Graphic design, Social Media