Curriculum Journey

Cowes Enterprise College is a vibrant place of learning and discovery. They are housed in a state of the art stunning building with a fluid open-plan structure to encourage movement and growth. Being coastal, situated on the Isle of White, maritime studies are richly embroidered into their curriculum.


CEC wanted its curriculum to look visually attractive, professional and informative. They needed parents to understand quickly what their child will learn and when the skills they will develop and when they will be assessed. They also wanted parents and potential students to be left with an impression of how vibrant the learning will be and how professional and well organised the school is as an organisation.


The Creative Tree designed the visuals ensuring that all the necessary curriculum information is present but not overpowering to satisfy an Ofsted inspection but not overwhelm the primary target audience. Maritime learning, school visits, cross-curriculum learning and charter subjects all need to be visually displayed too for the same reasons. We used active and engaging photographs of each topic to bring the text to life.


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Illustration


Graphic design, Illustration