We are experts at adding visual interest and meaning to your content by creating infographic design. We can help you visually show off those wow facts and figures or complex ideas in bite-sized and meaningful infographics.

Our modern and increasingly fast paced environment we live in means people are inundated with information every day. Attention spans are decreasing and as a result, infographic design is an effective way for organisations to communicate information.

GMH infographic design

When to use infographic design?

The recent trend is shifting away from using infographics as the only way to tell your story and more towards using them alongside the rest of your marketing strategy.

Infographics are great when used for:
  • TCTinfographicsicons_Data
    Illustrating data
  • TCTinfographicsicons_simplify
    Simplifying complex information
  • TCTinfographicsicons_compare

    Comparing two or more things

  • TCTinfographicsicons_howworks
    Showing how something works
  • null
  • null
    Summarising lengthy text

Where can they be used?

The short answer is anywhere! Whatever we are designing for you, we will always suggest using infographics if we feel it would benefit your content.

Digital brochures


Reports and White papers

Annual reports

Email marketing


Social media

Websites and blogs


Why use The Creative Tree for your infographic design?

We’re great at visualising data

We don’t just draw beautiful graphs but really look at the data and ask ourselves how it can be visualised to help the reader extract actionable information and valuable insights. Percentages can always be shown as creative pie charts; numbers can usually be turned into a unique bar graph; but what if it’s a complex idea or timeline and how can it fit with your storyline? That’s where we can execute effective infographic design.

Open Mobile Media Branding Infographic Design 1
events design and branding 02

We can organise data and fit it to a flowing storyline

Organising an infographic in a way that makes sense and that keeps the viewer interested is not always easy, and that’s where our expertise as infographic designers is put to the test. Often we’re given a lot of data and we need to create a visual story out of it, and turn that information into something that’s visually stimulating.

Eye catching infographics

As graphic design experts, we will ensure any infographic we design fits with your brand whether that’s fonts, appealing colour combinations or thoughtful icon design which will capture the attention of your audience. Above all, we can always find a style that will push the look and feel of your brand to grab your reader’s interest, whether that’s in a serious way or designing something that’s unexpected.

TU-Digital-Brochure infographic design

Infographics that are easy to share

We want you get the most from your design investment. Therefore, we will ensure that any infographic we design is easy to share on social media in addition to blogs and article posts. Whether we’re designing a standalone infographic or bite-sized information, we can repurpose the infographic so it can be used on your social sites. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and really get value from your content.

Positive brand reinforcement

We design memorable infographics that will reinforce your brand message at every viewing. It can have a personality that reflects your company’s vision and values and capture new audiences.


We design different types of infographics

Pharma infographic design

Static Infographics

Static infographics are a single images containing figures and icons that communicate a message. These infographics tend increase in height depending on the amount of content so they can be scrollable on a mobile device.


Bite Sized Infographics

Content these days needs to be scalable and responsive. Most campaigns require bite sized chunks to appear on social media to boost or tease a campaign.

Animated Infographics

Animated infographics are the first step to introducing movement into your documents. Usually single images, the movement adds another layer of interest capturing the reader’s attention.

RBI infographic design example

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are fairly new to the table and they take the infographic idea one step further by letting the reader create their own story rather than delivering them a fixed storyline.

How can we help with your next project?

If you think our creative agency will be a good fit for your next project, please contact us or call our studio on 01932 850122  to speak to one of our experienced designers.