Girls Agenda charity cohort

27th June
I left our Weybridge studio and headed up to Second Home in Shoreditch to be briefed on an exciting new venture. I had been selected from hundreds of creatives to join a 20 strong cohort of creative females to launch and promote a programme that is empowering girls in Africa and Asia to work alongside businesses in order for them to flourish.

We schmoozed with a wine in the bar of the very ergonomically designed Second Home, surrounded by citrus explosions of moulded plastic designer furniture and tropical plants. Our hosts then introduced us to the concept of SPRING and walked us through the dedicated impactful programme process that delivers positive growth and investment through the power of the adolescent girl demographic to businesses in Africa and Asia. They showed highlights of cohorts that have already happened and insights in to those that are currently underway.

Our task is to create, brand, launch and host an event to promote the work SPRING are doing in order to encourage private investment into the program after the initial 5 year government funding expires.

We separated out into smaller groups covering sponsorship, venue, content, design and comms and got stuck in. Before the end of the night we had nailed the name and the ideas were flowing. A real buzz was in the room and we were so engaged that we totally over ran.

28th June
Slack channels were set up and the buzz continued. Venues are being investigated and huge lists coming together for potential speakers, investors and sponsors. The power of ladies networking at its best..

4th July
We have settled on our name and our strapline. Girls Mean Business. Empowering Girls, Supporting Business. A strong impactful name with lots of depth. We have started to look at logo design and application.

13th July
Slight hitch with the name, it appears that The Girl Means Business is already trademarked (what isn’t these days) alongside These Girls Mean Business to an event organiser. Emailing the owner for permission of use for a one off event and also seeking legal advice. Grrr.

17th July
Confirmation from our legal contacts NOT to go ahead with our name. Renaming begins…..

18th July
Loads of ideas flying around, its refreshingly different to brainstorm ideas across a pool of creative talent spread across the industry. Finally we land on a winner that we all agree is just as powerful. Girls Agenda it is. Girls Agenda. Empowering Girls, Changing Business

19th July
Logo design commences again with the new logo and The Creative Tree is on fire with fresh, current ideas bringing our new name to life. We produce four versions and upload them for review.

20th July
Everyone loves The Creative Tree designs and we decided on a route forward. Our client is delighted and very grateful. It feels good to get great designs out there for worthy causes. We feel like we are making a difference.

24th July
A final logo is chosen and the strapline is slightly tweaked to Changing Business rather than Supporting/Growing.
Brand guidelines are produced then an emailer designed to save the date.

21st Sept
Two weeks before the event and all is shaping up well, lots of interest across the industry and Girls Agenda appears to be causing a buzz. We have been asked if we can help out with the printed agenda and event slides. Of course we said yes. We really want to see the event succeed and of course our design applied to its best potential across all material is super important to us personally and imperative to our business model.

11th October

11th October – The day of the event
The venue is packed and the buzz in the room was electric. Very passionate and powerful ladies joining together to empower girls around the world. All of the speakers were inspirational and knowledgeable in their own fields, enlightening us as to how we can help and the steps that have been successful so far. The event was wrapped up by UnLtd’s Research Manager, Emily Darko, who encouraged us to dig deeper, push ourselves and others beyond our comfort zones and spread the message of female empowerment not only with those who believe in girls, but those who don’t.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this adventure and having the ability to use my skills to help communicate such a great cause.