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Gaze Burvill

Outdoor furniture rebrand

“Please help us reposition our brand to look more luxurious”

The Challenge

Gaze Burvill makes beautiful outdoor furniture and kitchens which are crafted from European oak. Their brief was they wanted to be the “Aston Martin” in outdoor furniture! Think luxury, quality and prestige.

They already had an identifiable logo mark and a range of literature however it was dated and lacked consistency in terms of how the brand elements are used and had become dated. As a regular exhibitor at the Chelsea Flower Show, it was important for them to stand apart from other mass-produced outdoor furniture.

Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Design 5
Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Design 4

Our solution

It soon became apparent to us that the craftsmanship and beauty of their furniture really needed to be brought to life along with how each piece is meticulously made using traditional and modern methods of wood steaming.

Another important consideration to the brand we wanted to portray was that the furniture brings people together outside, bringing a social element to the brand. So we wanted the brand message to focus on people enjoying themselves and living with the furniture. We wanted to show the lifestyle that the furniture facilitates, in any style, be it city living or country cottage. It was this thinking that led us to develop the strapline of “Living Life Outside”.

Gaze burvill web design branding
Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Advertising Design 2

This was our lightbulb moment and suddenly the Gaze Burvill brand started to come alive and how the furniture “brings your life outside” became the anchor for the brand. The main way in which The Creative Tree wanted to bring this message alive was through aspiring, beautiful photographs that show people enjoying life, whilst using the Gaze Burvill furniture or outdoor kitchens. The photography needed to clearly show the furniture and its meticulous craftsmanship as well as people in relaxed, comfortable sociable situations.

GazeBurvill02 copy

We also looked into luxurious papers and print finishing for the brochures and opted for the iconic Colourplan paper from GF Smith with silver foiling to mirror the craftmanship of the furniture. The short cut cover reveals a ‘window’ to the beautiful brand photography, tempting the reader to step “outside”, through opening the brochure and instilling the brand message that every piece of Gaze Burvill furniture is for “Living life outside”.

Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Brochure Design 2
Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Brochure Design 4
Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Brochure Design 5

It was important for the colours to be rich and full, allowing the furniture to be the hero and the craftsmanship and detail to be seen and emphasised.

Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Brochure Design 1
Gaze Burvill Branding Logo Brochure Design 2


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