Every little helps

At The Creative Tree we are very lucky to live and work in leafy green Surrey. We take great pride in our surroundings and are often out and about in Weybridge taking advantage of the natural landscape. Whilst walking the studio pup in the adjoining park or taking a team stroll away from our screens along the river we pause, we talk, we bounce ideas around and share inspirations, goals and feedback. It’s great.
The health and well being aspect that we receive from operating in this environment is enormous, the privilege of not having to negotiate public transport on a daily basis is priceless. So, this year we wanted to make a conscious effort to give something back. Our studio is already virtually paperless but we have made some further changes to our routines that already have had further positive impact on ourselves and our environment.

  • In January we forced a smile and donated our much loved coffee machine to the charity shop. Historically our morning coffee ritual meant that annually we disposed of roughly 1500 metal coffee pods. We cancelled our subscription, purchased a coffee pot and now morning coffee is slightly more guilt free and there is no excessive waste involved. Biscuit anyone?
  • As 80% of us live locally to the studio we have committed as a team to cycling/walking/park and striding to work to increase our fitness levels and decrease our carbon footprint. The studio is now regularly draped with neon, Lycra and cycle helmets. Two of our creatives have been so liberated by their wheels they have registered to cycle in the Palace to Palace 2018 race for The Princes Trust in October this year.
  • Packed lunches are back by popular demand. We cook in bulk and bring our food into the office in Tupperware in an attempt to reduce packaging waste from supermarket lunch offerings.
  • We have appointed a recycling manager who passionately encourages us to wash, separate, return/recycle as much as we possibly can. She even reverts to sifting through the refuse when necessary to retrieve and correctly stash something. Shame on us!
  • Bags for life are a necessity not a luxury. I dare you to bring a carrier bag in the studio and not feel the heat!

So, lets see what happens over the year. Hopefully we can stick to our pledge and give a little back.