Creative inspiration in the city of Venice

In order to recharge the creative tank, it’s important to travel and soak up as much culture as possible. Earlier this year I made a trip to the beautiful city of Venice in Italy. From pictures and pop culture I knew that the city would be a sight to behold but I underestimated how much I would be blown away by the magic of this floating city.

Coming from the hustle and bustle of UK life it’s refreshing to be in a city so peaceful. Being on the water helps you relax and even the call of a seagull gliding in the breeze cant dampen the mood because you can still enjoy the soft crash of the waves.


Have you ever just wanted to sketch whilst you’re sitting on a commute? Well, one thing to try to indulge this creative bug is making something whilst sitting on one of the waterbuses. Since Venice floats in the water there are no roads and the common mode of transportation is by boat. This peaceful mode of travel promotes a calm flow, which sparks creativity. PRO TIP: try and get a seat outside on the back of the waterbus. The combination of the waves crashing and the city views should ignite a spark of inspiration. You can thank me later


There is a lot of visual inspiration in this Italian city too. Take a trip to Murano island and watch at the age-old technique of glass blowing performed live by the glassblowers themselves. Since you can only learn the glassblowing by applying and being taken on as an apprentice. The skill of the Murano glassmakers is high and it’s not uncommon to visit a workshop where the collective glassblowing experience of 3 men could add up to over 100 years.

After your trip to the island of Murano and viewing the talented glass blowers at work a must-see is the quirky island of Burano. Here you will be hit with a visual feast of colour. Every house on the island of Burano is painted in bright and vibrant colours ranging from a calming powder blue to the striking hot pink. The colourful nature of the island promotes exploration, which I encourage for two main reasons. Firstly to discover just how many different colours have been used to decorate the beautiful houses. Secondly to visit the shops selling Murano lace, another craft that is exclusive to this Venetian island. All of the lace is hand sewn and the style is exclusive to the island of Burano and similarly to the glassblowers, you can only learn this skill on this island from masters of the craft

There is a lot to see in Venice, it’s a feast for the senses. From the food and drink to the architecture and the handmade crafts you are guaranteed to come away from your visit with stories to tell and hopefully a piece of the creative bug stays with you after you leave!