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At The Creative Tree, we are passionate about design. We are ambitious in our vision and can combine traditional graphic design principles with new technology to produce 2D illustrations and animation. As a result, we deliver beautiful work to elevate and complement any brand story, product or service.

PharSafer Logo Reveal

As part of the launch of the new brand for PharSafer, an animated logo reveal was developed. It was important to show how PharSafer provides guidance to their clients by helping them navigate the complex industry of pharmacovigilance.

RAPTAR teaser campaign

To launch a totally new piece of software into the pharmacovigilance industry, RAPTAR reporting wanted us to develop a teaser campaign for social media. Building a sense of intrigue that something big was coming was paramount. We developed a series of advertising images and animations that built up over time and revealed more about the product over a series of weeks until the product launched.

Element Six

Element Six manufacture synthetic diamonds and wanted a series of animated videos to showcase diamond’s extraordinary properties in a wide range of applications. We storyboarded, designed and animated four variations of the video. They all explained how the CVD diamond process works and how the environment is controlled to tailor-make different diamonds for different industries. With limited time and footage, we were able to use a series of continuously flowing still images to enhance the explanation of this highly complex process.

Travel animation

Eyefortravel produces world-leading conferences. They provide reports, conferences and news for the online travel industry. We were commissioned to design a presentation and transform plain text into visuals. An animated infographic with cartoon style characters gives a solution to get complex information across to the reader quickly. As a result, the campaign helped to sell their conference.

RAPTAR explainer video

Aimed at the B2B market, this explainer video is used when a demo of the software is given. Using animation was a simple way to show the product’s complexity and really help communicated it’s benefits. We provided the client with the script and a full storyboard so they could see exactly how the animated video would look before we began the animation process.

Why use The Creative Tree for your animation project?


   We’ll ask about your goals

First we’ll want to learn more about your organisation, what your brand ethos is and what you’re looking to achieve from your animation. This really ensures that your animation accomplishes the goals that you have set for it.

   We’ll tell a great story

We will work with you to provide a narrative that helps convey your message in a way that’s fitting for your target audience.

   Creative style

One of our senior creative team members will develop the best creative approach for your animation. We’ll use our years of branding and design experience to develop a style that fits with your brand and that your audience will love.

   A fully designed story board

A fully designed storyboard allows you to see exactly how the animated video will look before we begin the animation process.

   High quality production

This is where the magic happens and our talented animators bring the story alive through eye catching movement, special effects and transitions.

   The right music

The right piece of music really brings an animation alive and can really set the tone for the story and the audience. We will work with you to find something that suits the animation and your brand perfectly.

   Great results

Animation can increase audience interactions, with higher click through rates and shares on social media. At The Creative Tree, our aim is to deliver an animation that is concise, easy to follow and clear in its intentions so your audience will love it!

How can we help with your next project?

If you think our creative agency will be a good fit for your next project, please contact us or call our studio on 01932 850122  to speak to one of our experienced designers.