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Creating a unique identity for your business, a new product or service, is essential to success in a competitive market place. In today’s over crowded business world identifying your business’s key differentiation points from your competitors is a critical business strategy. At the heart of this lies some serious creativity – both in terms of thinking and design.

While your business and marketing strategists are left to come up with a plan to get you visible and noticed, it’s that first impression that’s all important. Often this comes down to just a few critical visual elements combined with some powerful, empathic messaging that resonates with your target audience.

This is The Creative Tree’s strength, not just in understanding the direction of your business strategy, but in aligning the essential brand related visual and messaging aspects to create a single harmonious brand experience for your audience.

Creative design supporting Surrey’s unique industry landscape

The Creative Tree’s creative design team are active with clients across the UK. However, Surrey has over 130,000 businesses and has a high population of the following industries, the top three of which are:

• Professional, Scientific and Technical
• Information & communications
• Business administration & support services

Many other industries are well represented too, but these three are the most prevalent industry types.

Based in Weybridge in Surrey, The Creative Tree recognises the prominence of these industries and the need to ‘tailor’ our creative design services to match their needs.

This approach is perhaps best described by a testimony from one of our clients in business administration and support services industry, which highlights our ability to adapt to your particular business type and understand its unique needs. In fact, this client has used our services when working in three different businesses, in London and Surrey:

The Creative Tree have been my go to design partner for the last 12 years and across three different businesses. They take a consultative approach to design which manages to balance the outcomes I want as a client with best-in-class design principles. Every member of the team is open, friendly, creative and highly competent. I would recommend them without hesitation.

- Dragon Argent, Chief Commercial Officer

Relationship and trust is critical

The level of relationship we demonstrated with FinTech Network is not uncommon within our client base, as we recognise the need to become a natural extension to a firm’s creative process. Most often, creative design skills are not a natural resource within the skill set of the business a client represents. This is a gap we aim to efficiently and effectively fill in your business.

Having the confidence and trust in an external creative design resources is a critical part of any business’s need to develop its brand experience within its own target markets. After all, a client is asking us to mould and shape the very essence of a company’s identity and impact what its audience has come to expect and respect.

As a business in one of these identified industries within the Surrey area, you too can expect a similar level of dedication and professionalism from our resident creative design experts.

Here are some other examples of businesses within the earlier mentioned industries that we have assisted. Most of these businesses operate within the Surrey or London area.

Example client work in and around Surrey

YoooServ Website Home page laptop


Yoooserv manages a selection of premium serviced offices throughout the UK. The Creative Tree were approached to create a website that promotes the business aspects of their brand and to showcase each of their unique buildings.

Type of work completed:
Graphic Design, Website Design

atek animated digital brochure graphic design 1

Atek Accounting

Atek Accounting are a specialist accountancy practice supporting start up and small businesses, helping them gain control of their finances, improve efficiency and grow. They came to us for a whole new approach to their marketing.

Type of work completed:
Animation, Digital Brochures, Illustration, Stationery

FJB website design responsive 3

FJB Food & Temperature Controlled Consultant Engineers

FJB is a large global organisation of food and temperature controlled consultant engineers. They approached us looking for a rebrand and a website overhaul.

Type of work completed:
Brochures, Logo Design, Website design, Case Studies

Open Mobile Media Branding Infographic Design 1

Open Mobile Media

Open Mobile Media connects the most influential and the most innovative people in converging mobile, internet, media, advertising, electronics and commerce markets.

Type of work completed:
Brochures, Direct Mail, Illustration, Infographics, Logo Design, Technical Diagrams

RAPTAR branding advertising animation_7


RAPTAR Reporting launched in Q1 2021 within the pharmacovigilance industry.

Type of work completed:
Advertising, Animation, Branding, Brochures, UI Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Sales Presentations

The Creative Tree is the right creative agency to match your business needs

We are conveniently based in Weybridge, Surrey and with easy reach of businesses within the heart of London. While Surrey is home to a significant community of professional, technical, scientific, information and business admin type businesses, it’s also home to a wide range of other industries. you’ll see from our client portfolio and testimonials that we serve and have good experience with many of these industries too.

In short, The Creative Tree is an ideal creative design and services partner for your Surrey based business. We are a team of experts you can trust your brand with, no matter what size your business is.


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